Bringing Winnebago Into the 21st Century


User Experience Design

User Interface Design 


Redesign a new website that refines their online presence to communicate the vehicles better and converting website traffic into leads and enquiries.


We built a highly-effective website from the ground up capturing the comfort, luxury and history of Winnebago which helps educate leads and convert customers. We designed a modern, easy-to-update internally using WordPress, attractive and mobile-optimised.


Since the website launch, 30% increase in time spent on site, conversion rates have more than doubled, and the quality of leads overall are more educated, better qualified, and ready to inspect vehicles.

The Winnebago name is synonymous across the globe with exceptional standards of excellence and a commitment to quality and innovation.

From its home in Brisbane Australia, Winnebago has established itself as a leading manufacturer of motorhomes, caravans and campervans. The Winnebago customers are mostly male who is looking for comfort, luxury and culture they can pass along. We started by interviewing potential customers about what drives them to or from RV   brands. 

We found that they wanted to see in-depth information about the RV before booking for viewing and access the information quickly. We also found out they were interested in learning more about the vehicle in the event they can not locate a mechanic. 


These conversations provided clear directions to help us create a sitemap and information architecture focusing purely on addressing their views.

A website that embodies the brand’s values and simplifies engagement. Informing visitors and converting website traffic into leads and enquiries.


Constant design reviews combined with rapid feedback strategy helped us learn from real customers and create an experience that drew new customers in and kept existing ones engaged.